Bringing ‘Social-Emotional Learning’ Home: Our First Parent Tip Sheet

By The Nashville Charter Collaborative

Click the image to view the PDF document.

Click the image to view the PDF document.

At the Nashville Charter Collaborative, one of our main goals is to share ideas and experiences to benefit all our schools and all students. As we work together to pool our resources and knowledge, we felt it only made sense to begin sharing these best practices with our larger community of families as well.

To that end, we will periodically post tip sheets and toolkits on this website that we hope will make your role—as your child’s most important education advocate—a little easier to navigate. Our first tip sheet for parents and guardians is about social-emotional learning.

View a PDF of the tip sheet.

Social-emotional learning is a buzzword in education that simply means teaching kids to recognize their emotions and manage how they express them to others. You’ve been helping your child do this their whole life. As our children grow, their emotions do too. Fortunately, their ability to be self-aware and to self-regulate continue to develop as well.

Whether your child is 4 or 14, there are a handful of best practices that can help both you and your child make managing the complexity of their emotions, well, a little less complicated. We hope you find this tip sheet helpful!

Janel Lacy