Nashville Charter Collaborative

Our Mission:


Public charter school leaders working together to ensure every child in Nashville has access to a high-quality public education.


About Us

The Collaborative offers leaders of Nashville’s successful public charter schools a structure to work together on areas of shared need, such as professional development and recruitment of high-quality teachers. Collectively, we believe that education transforms lives and that every child in Nashville has the right to a high-quality public education.

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Our Schools

The Collaborative is comprised of 12 charter organizations with a track record of high achievement and high growth. There are 32 member schools, representing more than 12,800 students across the city.

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Our Students

The population of students attending Nashville’s public charter schools is comparable to those in all Tennessee public schools. In fact, public charter schools serve a higher percentage of economically disadvantaged students and Hispanic students than Metro Nashville Public Schools overall. Public charter schools in Nashville are proving it’s possible to close the achievement gap.



economically disadvantaged

Compared to 46.2% in all MNPS schools and 32.8% across the state.



African american or hispanic

Compared to 67.8% in all MNPS schools and 33.1% across the state.



students with disabilities

Compared to 10.3% in all MNPS schools and 10.5% across the state.


Our Blog

Stories from educators and parents at Nashville’s public charter schools that shine a light on topics and good work we can all benefit from knowing.

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Public charter schools were created to incubate innovative educational practices. Because they are independently operated by nonprofits, public charter schools have the flexibility to design their school environment to best meet the needs of the students they serve. If this approach to public education appeals to you, we invite you to learn more about how you can get involved as a parent, educator or community member.


for families

Ever wondered about public charter school options in Nashville? What exactly is a public charter school? Let us help you navigate it all.

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Interested in helping provide a high-quality education for students? Check out the job opportunities at Nashville charter schools.

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Always been interested in public charter schools and want to learn more? Contact us and we’ll help facilitate a visit to one of our partner schools.